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RepositoryHandler: Repository Handler 0.4
I've just released a new version of the Repository Handler, the last one was published more than 2 years (and many commits) ago.
Added by Luis Cañas Díaz almost 5 years ago

CVSAnalY: cvsanaly 2.1.0
More than two years after the 2.0.0 release we are releasing a new version, it is 2.1.0. It includes a lot of bug fixes provided by you guys during last 1K days.
Added by Luis Cañas Díaz almost 5 years ago

FLOSSClassifier: Public project for FLOSSClassifier
The FLOSSClassifier projects is an outcome of the QualiPSo FP7 project. The main idea was to develop a set of tools to analyse and classify text regarding topics and entities.
Added by over 5 years ago

Bicho: Bicho 0.9 released
Bicho 0.9 has been relesed, download it at http://projects.libresoft.es/projects/bicho/files
Added by Luis Cañas Díaz over 5 years ago

Bicho: Bicho 0.9 is comming soon
We are happy to announce that the work in Bicho is working well. The version 0.9 will be released in a couple of weeks
Added by Luis Cañas Díaz over 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • AndroidPipes (29/05/2012 10:09)

    Android Pipes is a framework that allows compose new features and meta-applications using the applications and intents installed in a smartphone. Most applications are not compatible because the intents and mimetypes do not match. For this, Android Pipes includes components for compatibility applications. These components are called Alchemist, and its role is similar as a unix pipe....

  • FLOSSClassifier (01/07/2011 10:42)

    Set of Python tools to analyse and classify text regarding topics and entities (thanks to natural processing language features).

    Open source projects generate several kinds of valuable documents which due to their own nature are not easily accessible for members of the project as structured sources of information. Email messages, IRC or instant messaging conversations, forum posts, wiki pages, or comments on a software bug are examples of these documents. All contain non structured natural language and all of them are stored as free running text....

  • gglocator (22/11/2010 14:02)

    Geographical localizator

    • We are not tracking the bugs of this tool as it is abandoned...
  • Data Analysis (22/11/2010 11:41)

    This section acts as a a hub of the different tools developed and maintained by the LibreSoft team to extract information about libre (free, open source) software development and other open collaboration environments like wikis.

    These tools are libre software themselves so that they can be downloaded for free from the Internet, enhanced, or modified to suit specific needs....

  • RepositoryHandler (19/11/2010 12:16)

    RepositoryHandler is a python library for handling code repositories
    through a common interface.

    How to get RepositoryHandler

    git clone http://git.libresoft.es/repositoryhandler
    git clone git://git.libresoft.es/git/repositoryhandler...